WP3-ASPERA meeting in Paris


This ILIAS-N5 meeting is dedicated to the future development of the gravitational wave experimental research in Europe. The FP7 European call is now available and our community must prepare the proposal for the Design Study on 3rd generation GW detectors in Europe. The ILIAS-GWA network activity has been indicated as the appropriate environment where to prepare the DS proposal for the third generation European interferometer. Purpose of the meeting is also to prepare the steps needed to proceed in phase 2 of the ASPERA roadmap.

Meeting Agenda

Thursday, Feb. 8th (morning): WP3-Design study session

Please find here the available documentation.

Thursday, Feb. 8th (afternoon): ASPERA roadmap session

Please find here the available documentation.

Friday, Feb. 9th: Executive Board

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Registered participants

Local information

The meeting will be held in LKB laboratory (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie). Info on the neighbouring hotels and on the meeting location (with the map of the LKB) can be found here.

Local Contact: Antoine Heidmann, Monique Bonnamy, phone: +33 1 44 27 43 94