London, October 26th - 27th, 2006
at the Flowers Building, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College
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ILIAS is a "networking project", pulling together the leading European research centres in Astroparticle Physics, with the purpose of fostering collaboration and research coordination. The Gravitational Waves community has two projects in ILIAS: a networking activity devoted to Gravitational Wave Antennae (GWA) and a joint research activity dedicated to the Study of Thermal-noise Reduction in European Gravitational wave Antenna (STREGA). Further information on GWA and STREGA is available at

As in the past, we are organising the annual meeting to enable the status of all the activities to be presented. This year the meeting will be held in London at the Imperial College (ICL) on the 26th and 27th October. Participation to the meeting will be supported by the European Gravitational Observatory making use of the funds available within the ILIAS project.

All the information concerning the meeting is available on this website. Registration deadline is September 15th, 2006.

Organisation Board
Geppo Cagnoli (INFN Florence and University of Glasgow)
Karsten Danzmann (AEI Hannover)
Raffaele Flaminio (EGO Cascina and LAPP Annecy)
Hartmuth Grote (AEI Hannover)
Gianluca Guidi (University of Urbino and INFN Florence)
Ik Siong Heng (University of Glasgow)
Giovanni Losurdo (INFN Florence)
Harald Lueck (AEI Hannover)
Michele Punturo (INFN Perugia)
Tim Sumner (Imperial College London)

Workshop Secretary
Diana Moore (Imperial College London)
(diana.moore at
Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 7531
Fax: +44 (0)20 7594 7541