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Monday 8th October

09:15–09:30 STREGA status report M. Bassan
  Coating research  
09:35–09:50 New loss measurements at low T on single layer tantala I. Martin
09:55–10:10 Losses in silica at low temperature F. Travasso
10:15–10:45 Coffee Break  
  Bulk materials  
10:50–11:05 Current bulk material research in Jena R. Nawrodt
11:10–11:25 Interpretation of bulk material measurements A. Schröter
11:30–11:45 Losses at low T on Si and SiC in Legnaro J.–P. Zendri
11:50–12:05 Thermoelastic analysis with an arbitrary precision FEM E. Serra
12:10–12:25 Silicon and Suprasil results with GeNS E. Cesarini
12:30–14:00 Lunch  
  Bonding techniques  
14:05–14:20 Silicate bonding on silicon and silica S. Reid
14:25–14:40 First measurements of thermal conductivity on silicate bonding E. Campagna
14:45–15:15 Coffee Break  
  New technologies  
15:20–15:35 Squeezed states of light of GW detectors R. Schnabel
15:40–15:55 Design and performance of the DUAL detector with large area capacitive readout P. Falferi
16:00–16:15 Present status of MiniGRAIL G. Frossati
16:20–16:35 Acoustic Detection of Particles in Cryogenic Nb and Al Bars M. Bassan
16:40–16:55 STREGA legacy for ET M. Punturo
17:00–17:10 Mid term report and financial status M. Bassan

Tuesday 9th October

09:00–09:15 GWA status report R. Flaminio
  WG1: Detectors commissioning and characterization  
09:20–09.35 WG1 activity status and plans H. Grote
09:40–09:55 Virgo commissioning plans until Virgo+ B. Swinkels
10:00–10:15 GEO status and plans J. Degallaix
10:20–10:50 Coffee Break  
  WG3: A European strategy for future GW detectors  
10:50–10:55 WG3 activity status and plans M. Punturo
11:00–11:15 Virgo+ upgrade M. Punturo
  Advanced Virgo  
11:20–11:35 Baseline G. Losurdo
11:40–11:50 Optical configuration A. Freise
11:55–12:05 Mirror suspensions and thermal noise issues P. Puppo
12:15–13:55 Lunch  
13:55–14:05 Introduction R. Flaminio
14:10–14:20 Outreach E. Mueller
14:25–14:35 Theory K. Kokkotas
14:40–14:55 Science goals H. Lueck
15:00–15:10 Status of negotiations M. Punturo
15:15–15:25 Plans for WG1 J. Van den Brand
15:30–15:40 Plans for WG2 P. Rapagnani
15:45–15:55 Plans for WG3 A. Freise
16:00–16:10 Plans for WG4 B.S. Sathyaprakash
16:15–16:45 Coffee Break  
  WG2: Network data analysis  
16:45–17:00 WG2 activity status and plans G. Guidi
17:05–17:20 Presentation of white paper M.A. Papa
17:25–17:40 Glitch rejection capabilities of a coherent burst detection algorithm M. Principe
17:45–18:00 Stochastic background search with Virgo-GEO G. Cella
18:05–18:20 Preparation of science case for future detectors C. Van den Broek
20:00 dinner at the restaurant "Casino", Wöhrdstrasse 25