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The windmills project

              1st audioconference, May 12, 2005
              Team meeting, Cascina, 7-9 June 2005
              Seismic survey, GEO600 site, July 25-29 2005
              2nd audioconference: first analysis of the seismic survey data, August 25, 2005

The beam centering project

              1st meeting, Napoli-Cascina, June 10-14, 2006

The alignment simulation project

             1st meeting, Birmingham, August 2006

The joint noise hunting project

A fellowship for joint Virgo-GEO commissioning and noise hunting activities has been funded within WG1. The fellow (Joshua Smith) is based at Hannover but spends
25% of his time on Virgo site. In this section his activity reports are posted.

             1st report, Cascina, September 11-22 2006
             2nd report, Cascina, October 16-20 2006
             3rd report, Cascina, November 13-17 2006
                4th report, Cascina, January 14-19 2007
             Summary report

The Accelerometer project

The 10m prototype interferometer that is currently being set up in Hannover will serve as a test bed for technology upgrades for GEO-HF. Furthermore, it will provide an environment that should allow to reach the standard quantum limit (SQL) for an interferometric measurement. In order to reach the required stability it is planned to implement inertial sensors into the individually suspended optical benches inside the ultra-high vacuum envelope. The requirements on these sensors will be ideally met by the monolithic accelerometers as introduced by the VIRGO collaboration.

    1st meeting, Salerno, May 8 2008


              1st annual report
              2nd annual report

                Detailed plan for the next 18 months (I)
Detailed plan for the next 18 months (II)

Talks at  ILIAS  Annual meetings

          2005, 1st ILIAS annual meeting - Paris (G.Losurdo)
            2006, 2nd ILIAS annual meeting - Mallorca (H.Grote)
2007, 3rd ILIAS annual meeting - Chambery (G.Losurdo)