WP3-WP2 Meeting in Florence


This ILIAS-N5 meeting is dedicated to the future development of the gravitational wave experimental research in Europe. The GW community must prepare itself to the next appointment with the FP7 European call. The ILIAS-GWA network activity has been indicated as the appropriate environment where to stimulate the aggregation process between the different European groups and where to start the design activity for the third generation European interferometer. One of the purposes of the meeting is to explore the possibility to write common document, open to all the groups interested in the realization of the third generation European interferometer. This official document should constitute the initial seed and the reference document also for the future FP7 design study.

Meeting Agenda

Thursday, Apr. 27th (14:00-19:00):WP2 and WP3 parallel sessions:

Friday, Apr. 28th (9:00-13:00):

Friday, Apr. 28th (15:00): Visit to the Laboratories

Registered participants

Local information

The meeting will be held in the beautiful frame of the Hotel Baglioni in the center of Florence.

The reservation, in the ILIAS-GWA budget, must be performed directly to the Hotel mentioning the ILIAS meeting.
(phone +39.055.23580, fax +39.055.23588895, email: info@hotelbaglioni.it )
Special rates have been obtained for this meeting: 157,00 Euro for the single (DuS) and 187,00 for the double.
Please, to permit the organization of the meeting (lunches, conference rooms,...) fill the the following form.