N5 Activity description

The objective of this network is to increase the level of European coordination in the field of gravitational wave research in order to maximise the return on the large investment already made, to enhance the performance of the existing detectors, and to prepare the future of this discipline in Europe. The network is expected to improve the exchange of information on subjects of common interest such as commissioning and operation of existing detectors, to foster the development of common methodologies for joint observations, and to support the elaboration of a common strategy for future gravitational wave detectors in Europe.

The network activities are based on three working groups dedicated to the following topics:

The Financial support of the N5 activities is handled and coordinated by the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO)

GWA activities
WP Descriptive title Short description and specific objectives of the activity
1 Antennas Commissioning and characterization Coordination of GEO and Virgo detectors during commissioning and characterization of detectors, as well as their operation.
  • To speed-up the commissioning and the characterization of the GEO and Virgo detectors by means of a deeper collaboration between the two teams.
  • To develop common methods for the characterization of laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors to be applied to the GEO and Virgo detectors
  • To provide inputs for establishing priorities in the short term improvement of existing interferometer type detectors on the base of the characterization of the Virgo and GEO detectors
2 Joint Operation of Antennas and Network Data Analysis Promote the required coordination among the European operating detectors for specific classes of gravitational wave signals.
  • To ensure the coordination among the European gravitational wave detectors to perform joint observation of specific classes of astrophysical sources.
  • To define the technical set-ups of data analysis pipelines for the network of detectors.
  • To define programs of joint observation with gamma, neutrino and optical telescopes.
  • To support the dissemination of the results of the gravitational wave searches (either detections or upper limits).
  • To provide the comparison among results obtained by different observation for the same signal class.
3 A European Strategy for Future Antennas Plan the enhancement of the performances of the European gravitational wave detectors and to organise their collective operation.
  • To determine scientific objectives that could be attained through short term improvements, optimisation and association of detectors now available in Europe.
  • To establish the bases for integrating existing and future gravitational wave detectors in a coherent network.
  • To draft a plan for a European network of gravitational wave detectors at the 2010 horizon

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