JRA3-STREGA Activity description

JRA3 will exploit the potential of the complementary expertise in the gravitational wave acquired separately over the years in a number of laboratories. Development of new technologies will allow the future gravitational wave detectors to increase their capabilities significantly over the frequency range between few Hz and few GHz.

The present JRA STREGA has three main objectives, each corresponding to a Work Package:

Each of the three Work Packages has been divided in tasks, 12 in total, as described in Table 8.R3-1 (page 115) of the Annex_1 document. Each task is identified by a code: M1 to M6 for the tasks regarding the investigation of advanced materials (WP 1); C1 to C3 for the cryogenic suspension development (WP 2); T1 to T3 for the ones regarding the thermo and photo elastic noise study (WP 3).

Management of JRA3: click here to show the management scheme of JRA3

Annual Reports: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009