Teleconference Forms


To be filled and sent to EGO, for the approval of the Director, by fax (0039 050 752562) one week/some days before the teleconference. Then, EGO will transmit the signed model to the Working Group Leader by fax.  For any changes of date/time/participants to the teleconference, the Working Group Leader will opportunely give notice to EGO.

To be filled at the end of each teleconference and sent to EGO by fax (0039 050 752562) or by mail (, specifying the date of the teleconference, the starting/ending time of the teleconference, the group, the object of the teleconference, the names and the telephone number of the participants (chairman or simple participant).

The Identification Number and the Codes of the “ILIAS teleconference service” will be communicated to the Working Group Leader in occasion of the submission of the first Teleconference Authorization form.

The Working Group Leader has to take good care of the ILIAS teleconference coordinates (project: Gravitational Waves Antennas), not revealing them to people unrelated to the project.