ILIAS: Integrated Large Infrastructures for Astroparticle Science

Sixth Framework Programme
Structuring the European Research Area Specific Programme

Project Summary

ILIAS is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative that has pulled together all of Europe’s leading infrastructures in Astroparticle Physics to produce a focused, coherent and integrated project to improve the existing infrastructures and their operation as well as to organise and structure the scientific community to prepare the best infrastructures for the future.
ILIAS results from an extensive consultation of the community and an internal review process through the Astroparticle Physics European Co-ordination (ApPEC).
ILIAS has 20 participants. In addition, there are numerous institutions that will contribute to the activities of ILIAS (but are not signatories to the contract).
ILIAS will strengthen the new coordination by focusing on the following three scientific poles:

ILIAS GW detection Activities

The activities in this field are coordinated around one network and one joint research project: