EGO regularly welcomes visitors to its site so that they can learn more about the Virgo experiment.

Having its construction been achieved in June 2003, the Virgo interferometer is now in operation.

However its functioning is extremely delicete: cehicles and persons moving on site, within the buildings and in the surroundings affect negatively the instrumentations.

For that reasons the access to the interferometer is limited and carefully controlled.
In addition, some principles must be respected to visit the site:

- It is mandatory to arrange an appointment through the Scientific Secretariat;
- As a rule, visits are restricted to Saturday mornings
- Individual visits may be organized but will be concentrated in selected days
- Group visits shall be restricted in number since no more than 30 persons at a time may visit the internal parts of the interferometer buildings

All requests for visiting the site should be addressed well in advance to:
the Scientific Secretariat
Tel: +39 050 752 325 - Fax: +39 050 752 356