EGO - the European Gravitational Observatory – the home of the VIRGO gravitational Antenna, that at present is in its commissioning phase, launches also this year a summer students program in the field of gravitational waves research.

It is addressed to physics and engineering students in their last year of degree courses or to PhD students.

EGO will be able to host a few students during summer 2007, providing a limited financial support to cover meals and, partly, travel and accommodation costs for students coming for stays of two-three months from outside the local area.

Interested candidates may apply by sending their Application Form to the following addresses:


EGO - Summer Students Program Secretariat
Via E.Amaldi, 56021 Santo Stefano a Macerata – Cascina – Pisa – Italy

Applicants must enclose their CV and a letter of support by one of the scientists, operating in EGO or within the VIRGO collaboration, willing to guide their activity during their stay at EGO/VIRGO.

The deadline for application is 30th of April 2007

[Last Update: 20 March 2007]