May 22nd - 26th, 2006

- Student short talks session -

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Name Title
Aguilera Deborah Ultradense matter in the interior of neutron stars
Brizuela David High-order perturbations of a spherical spacetime
Cesarini Elisabetta The problem of thermal noise in gravitational wave detectors
Chirenti Cecilia Electromagnetic perturbations in evaporating mini black holes
Clark James A Bayesian Approach To Triggered Burst Searches
Cordero-Carrion Isabel Evolution formalisms for Einstein equations, in particular the fully constrained scheme developed by Meudon's group
Del Prete Marina Veto analysis
Doravari Suresh Galileo Galilei: a satellite borne test of the Equivalence Principle
Gholami Iraj Optimization Search Strategies for Continuous Gravitational Waves
Goggin Lisa Search for Ringdown Signals in LIGO S4 Data
Hamdani Slim Biosignature test, in search for exolife
Huet Dominique Overview of high pulsed power domain
Janos Majar GW emitted by inspiralling compact binaries
Keppel Drew Effects of a Massive Graviton on Binary Inspiral Detection
Kocsis Bence Advance warning of supermassive black hole mergers
Merse Elod Gaspar Detection rate estimates of gravity-waves emitted during parabolic encounters of stellar black holes in globular clusters