May 22nd - 26th, 2006
Scientific and Organizing Committee
L.Blanchet, C.Bradaschia, V.Ferrari, F.Fidecaro, A.Giazotto, G.Losurdo (school director), F.Menzinger, B.Mours, S.Perus (secretariat)

The Virgo EGO Scientific Forum gathers European scientists interested Gravitation Wave detection. As one of its activities VESF organizes the 1st VESF School on Gravitational Waves as an evolution towards Europe of the Virgo-EGO-SIGRAV School, held in Cascina since 2002 until 2005.

School targets:
To teach young physicists and engineers on gravitational waves, their astrophysical sources and on the technologies involved in their detection. The courses will be devoted to students searching for a degree thesis argument, to PhD students and to postdocs.

The arguments of the courses will cover the following topics:
Introduction to general relativity Virgo visit
Gravitational waves and detection principles Quantum non-demolition
Sources of gravitational waves Gravitational collapse
Interferometric detectors Interferometer controls
Short gamma ray bursts and GW Advanced Interferometers
Optics Data analysis
Post Newtonian formalism -
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