May 28th - Jun 1st, 2007
School board
L.Blanchet, C.Bradaschia, V.Ferrari, F.Fidecaro, A.Giazotto, G.Losurdo (school director), F.Menzinger, B.Mours, S.Perus (secretariat)

School purpose:
To teach young physicists and engineers on gravitational waves, their astrophysical sources and on the technologies involved in their detection.
The courses will be devoted to students searching for a degree thesis argument, to PhD and postdoc students.

This year the program will cover the following topics:
Gravitational waves and detection principles Interferometers
Sources of GW Optics
Post Newtonian formalism Virgo
Black holes coalescence Quantum optics
Gravitational collapse Advanced detectors
Gamma bursts Virgo detector tour
Data analysis: noise, bursts, coalescing binaries, periodic sources -
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