The 4th VESF School will be held from May 25th to May 29th 2009 at the site of EGO in Cascina!

Admission fees: No admission fee is required to participate in the school.
All participants will be provided with lunches and coffee breaks for the whole duration of the school, i.e. from the morning of May 25th to the afternoon of May 29th.
In addition, all participants will be invited to join the dinner organized on the occasion of the EGO Virgo Biathlon (scheduled on Thursday 28 May).
If they wish, VESF School participants are encouraged to participate in the Biathlon as runners/bikers. More details on the Biathlon will be communicated later.

Language: All lectures of the school will be held in English. Therefore a good understanding of English is essential to participate.

Insurance: All participants must be adequately insured for health and accidents for the duration of the school and also during their travel.

Accommodation: All participants will be asked to pay for their own lodging.
The School Secretariat may help the participants in finding accommodation in Pisa.
Please refer to the section 7 "Travel and lodging" in the application form.

Travel: Travel to and from Pisa will be arranged and paid by the participants themselves.
Free bus transfers from Pisa to the EGO site and back will be organized for the participants during the whole duration of the school.

Financial support: It is expected that funding to cover travel and lodging expenses will be granted by the home institution of the participants. Therefore as a rule, VESF will not provide any financial support. However an exception could be made in the neediest cases upon presentation of a duly justified request.

EGO - Virgo Project, via Edoardo Amaldi - Loc. Santo Stefano a Macerata - 56021 Cascina (Italy)