The 4th VESF School will be held from May 25th to May 29th 2009 at the site of EGO in Cascina!

School purpose:
The school aims to teach about gravitational waves, their astrophysical sources and the technologies involved in their detection to young physicists and engineers.
The school is intended for graduate students, in particular those looking for a thesis topic and for postdoctoral fellows.

This year the program will cover the following topics:
Introduction to Gravitational Waves LISA and future detectors
Sources of Gravitational Waves Gamma and X-ray astronomy
Interferometric detectors Radiotelescopes, pulsar timing, binary pulsars
Instrumental noises and control Multimessenger astronomy
Quantum non demolition, squeezing Data analysis
State of the art of detectors  
To download the program click here.
For more information please contact EGO Secretariat:
Severine Perus
VESF School
Tel: +39 050 752 325 / 511
Fax: +39 050 752 356
NEW! VESF School on Data Analysis
A second VESF school entirely dedicated to gravitational wave data analysis, with a special focus on the technical aspects and on the procedures for extracting scientific results from the observations will be organized in autumn of 2009.
More information about this school will be provided later.
EGO - Virgo Project, via Edoardo Amaldi - Loc. Santo Stefano a Macerata - 56021 Cascina (Italy)