The Council of EGO is the decision making body. It receives advice from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). The decisions made by the Council are implemented at EGO by its Director who is responsible of the Consortium, both with respect to the Council and to the external authorities. The Director is assisted in his duty by the Deputy Director and by 4 Department Heads, who lead respectively the following Departments:
  • Administration, which handles the budget, and manages the financial and personnel affairs;
  • Information Technology, which takes care of the computing needs, both of EGO and of the Virgo collaboration, in the collection, storage and transfer to the Bologna and Lyon Computing Centers of data coming from the Virgo interferometer;
  • Interferometer Technology, which is responsible for the running, maintenance and upgrades of the Virgo interferometer subsystems of its competence, and ensures the functioning of the whole interferometer;
  • General Infrastructure, which provides the site with all the services and supplies needed for the functioning of EGO and of the Virgo interferometer.

The Direction is assisted by the:
  • Director Assistant
  • Directorate Office
  • Advanced Virgo Project Office

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