EGO Directorate team

  • EGO Director: Stavros Katsanevas
  • EGO administrative deputy director: Veronica Colautti
  • EGO technical deputy director: Christian Olivetto
  • EGO scientific deputy director: Massimo Carpinelli
  • EGO director assistant: Sarodia Vydelingum

Attached to the direction are:

  • Safety and Security: Carlo Fabozzi
  • Communication Responsible: Vincenzo Napolano
  • European project Office: Francesca Spagnuolo
  • Outreach Office: Valero Boschi
  • Data Processing Infrastructure Coordinator: Franco Carbognani
  • Data Science Office: Elena Cuoco

Via E. Amaldi,5
56021 Cascina (PI) - Italy
Tel +39 050 752511
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