EU projects

EGO participates or is the coordinator of the following European funded programs:

Multimessenger Physics: AHEAD2020 (2020-2024, EGO member) High Energy photon and GW multimessenger program. EGO in particular will coordinate the network of multimessenger workshops related to multimessenger physics, and will work on European Open Science cloud (open data) actions, Newtonian noise characterisation and Outreach

Interdisciplinarity: COST Action CA17137 (2018-2022, EGO coordinator) A cost action on the synergy of techniques drawing from expertise in physics, mathematics, information science and computing Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), classification problems, data mining and visualization and, in general, in the development of new techniques and algorithms for efficiently handling the complex and massive data sets found in Gravitational Wave (GW) Astronomy and Multi-messenger Physics, as well as Geoscience. The Cost Action aims at creating a broad network of scientists from four different areas of expertise, namely GW physics, Geophysics, Computing Science and Robotics, with a common goal of tackling challenges in data analysis and noise characterization for GW detectors

Computing: ESCAPE (2019-2023, EGO member) European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures has received funding from the European Commission Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action aims to address the Open Science challenges shared by ESFRI facilities (CTA, ELT, EST, FAIR, HL-LHC, KM3NeT, SKA) as well as other pan-European research infrastructures (CERN, ESO, JIV-ERIC, EGO-Virgo) in astronomy and particle physics research domains

Citizen’s Science REINFORCE (2019-2022, EGO Coordinator) is a SWAFS program for citizen’s science. EGO In particular will work on the implication of citizens to the study of “glitches” that have mostly geophysical , atmospheric and more generaly noise sources, simulating GW signals

Education: Frontiers (2018-2021, EGO member) ERASMUS+ action for education and outreach actions

Exchange of personnel: NEWS (2017-2021, EGO member) is a RISE program of exchange of researchers between Europe, US and Japan focused on some key areas of fundamental physics: Gravitational wave and Multi-messenger astronomy, Astroparticle physics and particle physics at accelerators

EGO participates also in the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (ApPEC)

EGO has been also the coordinator of the ET Design study FP7 project.

GraWIToN Initial Training Network aimed to train 13 young researchers (PhD students) in the gravitational wave (GW) search field.

ELiTES  (EGO as Coordinator) Exchange of researchers between Europe and Japan focused on the cryogenic technologies for the ET and LCGT (now KAGRA) gravitational wave observatories.


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