EGO Council

EGO Council is the governing body, composed of members nominated by the funding institutions. EGO is established under the Italian law.

The Council is the decision-making body of the EGO consortium. The Director of EGO is responsible to carry on and execute the Council decisions. They operate according to EGO statute.

Composed by three representatives of CNRS and three representatives of INFN, among which is elected the President, the Council uses to meet twice a year. EGO directorate team participates in these meetings but has no right to vote. NIKHEF participates as an observer, invited persons may participate for discussing specific items of the agenda. The EGO director assistant helps the Council in organizing its meetings.

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At present the Council is composed as follows:

Marco Pallavicini, President
Marco Grassi
Oliviero Cremonesi
Berrie Giebels, Vice-President
Guy Perrin
Thérèse Huet
For Nikhef
Stan Bentvelsen
As Council Advisor
Roberto Pellegrini

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee

According to the dispositions of the Statute of the EGO Consortium, the EGO Council sets up a Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), composed of up to ten scientific personalities. It also appoints the chairperson of the STAC.
The role of the STAC is to advice the EGO Council.
For this purpose, the STAC meets on the site of the EGO Consortium at least twice per year, to follow and assess the progress on the scientific and technical activities carried on.
STAC chairperson is appointed for three years and presents the outcome of the meetings to the EGO Council.

For more details on the STAC duties, consult the Terms of reference of the STAC.

The present composition of the STAC is the following:

  • David Shoemaker, Chairman (MIT LIGO Lab.)
  • Gerhard Heinzel, Vice-Chairman (AEI Hannover)
  • Dominique Boutigny (CNRS-LAPP)
  • Rita Dolesi (University of Trento)
  • Andreas Freise (University of Birmingham)
  • Giuseppe Ruoso (INFN Legnaro)
  • B.S. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff School of Physics & Astronomy)
  • Stephen Smartt (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Takayuki Tomaru (NAOJ)
  • Peter Wolf (Observatoire de Paris)

The EGO director assistant helps the STAC in organising its meetings.

To access the EGO Council reserved area click here


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