Safety and Security at EGO

Safety at EGO is under the direct responsibility of EGO Director.
The person in charge of the implementation and enforcement of the safety rules is the Health, safety and security officer Carlo Fabozzi

In order to ensure the health, safety and security on site it has been established the EGO Safety Group. Its mission consists in:

  • Defining a policy for the elimination and prevention of dangers and risks in order to improve working conditions
  • Contributing to the awareness of dangers
  • Participating in the elaboration of new technical projects that include safety aspects
  • Ensuring that the law is enforced

EGO is certified BS:OHSAS 18001:2007 since 2016 and migration to ISO 45001 is scheduled for 2020.

To accomplish its mission the Safety Group refers to the Safety and Security Officer and responsibilities are organized as follows:

Representative of the employees for safety (RLS):
Medical Control: (Dott. Graziano Campinoti)):
Laser expert:
Cryogenics and Vacuum technologies expert:
Electrical expert:
Responsible for the maintenance of the lifting apparatuses:
Responsible for the maintenance of the mechanical workshop:
Responsible for the civil engineering works:
Responsible for the Global Security System and for the respect of the Privacy Law:
‘First-aid & fire-fighting’ EGO team:
External company for the site security: Corpo Vigili Giurati Pisa

General Safety rules to respect within EGO site  EGO-PRO-SEC-14


Internal emergency number during normal working hours : 2222 (from EGO table phones) or 050 752222 (from any external phone)

Emergency numbers outside working hours:
0112: Numero Unico Europeo d’emergenza – Link of the Tuscany region with more details about the Unique number for emergenciy: English page – Italian page
0113: Polizia
0115: Vigili del Fuoco
0118: Pronto intervento sanitario

External Security Service at EGO outside normal working hours : 366 13 99 730



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