O3 Open Science Data, how to use it

In its data management plan, the LIGO–Virgo–KAGRA Collaboration (LVK) has committed to the principles of open science, proving that science works best when data and knowledge are shared. For this reason the data recorded by detectors in the LIGO - Virgo - KAGRA...

Einstein Telescope collaboration leadership elected

Michele Punturo, researcher at INFN Perugia division, and Harald Lück, researcher at the Leibniz University of Hannover and the Max Planck Society, will respectively serve as coordinator and vice-coordinator of the Einstein Telescope scientific collaboration. The...

AHEAD2020 Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 5

The AHEAD2020 (Integrated Activities for High Energy Astrophysics*) calls for a program of transnational visits and remote access activities to be performed starting ~mid April 2023. The main objectives are: 1) fostering new or strengthening existing collaborations on...

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