Earthquake Early Warning for Virgo

Internship contract for a period of 6 months within the EGO Interferometer Technology Department, funded by the EGO Consortium. Applicants should be in their last years of study in physics, astrophysics or geophysics. The work will be at a level of Master thesis...

Black holes and gravitational waves in the cosmic concert by Tomàs Saraceno

On the evening of December 31, Tomas Saraceno proposes to greet the arrival of the new year with an installation in Rome and a cosmic concert, which can be heard anywhere, in the context of the end of year festivities of the city of Rome (

Hunting for continuous emission of gravitational waves from neutron stars

While Virgo and LIGO have been undergoing upgrades, the data from the early part of the third observing run of the detectors (from April to September, 2019), have been analysed by researchers to look for signs of continuous emission of gravitational waves from rapidly spinning neutron stars. This makes it possible to set new, clear constraints for future searches.

Engineer for General Infrastructure Department

We are seeking an Industrial Engineer for the General Infrastructure Department.

Deadline for application:
February 16th, 2021


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