The ITF Technology Department contributes to the operation and maintenance of the Virgo interferometer, participates to the upgrades and commissioning of the interferometer, as well as to the data taking periods.


In recent years the department has been mainly and heavily involved in the AdV construction, commissioning, and has provided a key contribution to ensure the best possible performance of the O3 observing run both in terms of robustness and sensitivity. It also gives support to other subsystems when working on site, and integration support. From 2019 it is also deeply involved in the design and preparation of AdV+.
The department is currently composed of 20 people distributed in 4 areas, each one with specific competence in optics, electronics, controls and services.

Expertises & facilities

The expertise of Electronics area includes design, prototyping, implementation and trouble-shooting of linear servo-control systems, precision analog and RF instrumentation, sensor interface circuits. It takes care of design, construction, test, installation and validation of analog and digital electronic components and systems used for instrumentation and control, support and assistance to other groups of the collaboration when working on site.

The expertise of Optics area includes the development of high-power and low-losses optic components (nowadays used for injection, detection and squeezing benches), the study of scattered light which led to optimized design of optical benches and development of high-efficiency beam dumps and baffles; the optical simulation and characterization activities which were crucial in the design and operation of Advanced Virgo. For Advanced Virgo Plus, the Optics team is in charge for the INJ subsystem,.

The expertise of the Noise and Controls area is the noise hunting and the development and implementation of the controls of ground based interferometer detectors of gravitational waves. It has long experience in the study of noise of environmental origin that have impact on the Virgo interferometer, affecting its stable operation or degrading its sensitivity. To this end, the team participates to the commissioning of Virgo tracking sources and noise paths and implementing mitigation actions. The ENV team also studies anthropogenic and natural sources, with the double purpose of characterizing the EGO site ambient noise (seismic, acoustic and electromagnetic) in synergy with geo-science experts, and preserving the EGO site noise climate by evaluating the impact of new nearby infrastructures and installations. The activities on controls are mostly the development of opto-mechanical controls of the main optical component of the interferometer and their suspension. It is involved in the commissioning and modeling of the suspension control, the SuperAttenuator mechanical system, providing unprecedented suspension performances. Moreover it performs the design and implementation of client/server software architectures and development of applications on PLC. It takes care of implementing the communication protocols to share data outside the VIRGO collaboration (i.e: INGV). The team was and is still in charge of the Advanced Virgo and Advanced Virgo + ISC subsystem (Interferometer Sensing and Control) participating to the Advanced Virgo design and commissioning, as well as for the Advanced Virgo+

The Services area takes care of the Operator Service, the maintenance of consumables and facilities of Clean Rooms, control of cleanliness and airborne particles contamination, special movements (optical tables, payloads), support during the interventions inside the towers.

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