LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA update their plan for the next run

The scientific collaboration that operates the global network of gravitational wave detectors (LIGO in the USA, Virgo in Italy and Kagra in Japan) has in recent days updated the timetable for the start of the new observing run, previously scheduled for the end of...

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February 15, 2023

New EGO director Massimo Carpinelli starts his mandate

Massimo Carpinelli, professor at the University of Milano Bicocca and research associate at INFN, officially began his mandate as the new director of EGO this month. He had already been appointed to the role in June 2022 by the EGO Council. Prof. Carpinelli succeeds...

INFN announces the start of the ETIC project

Yesterday, Monday December 19th, a meeting was held to kick off the activities of ETIC (Einstein Telescope Infrastructure Consortium), of which the INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics)is both proposer and leader, a consortium set up and financed as part of...

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