Apr 1, 2011

Writing this editorial, my feelings are dominated by the sadness generated by the loss of Stefano Braccini. Our memories of this great person are recalled in the article by Francesco Fidecaro, reproducing what he said in the commemoration ceremony held in the EGO auditorium.
My personal memories go back to Stefano as a child, playing cards with my newly-married wife in a mountain chalet in Verbier, in 1972, and continue through all of the moments mentioned by Francesco. These memories are reinforced further by having been Stefano’s thesis advisor on two occasions.
Our collective memory goes to the unavoidable tears during the reading, at the funeral, of the list of beautiful things in his life, which had been written by Stefano himself. Virgo was there, so were the superattenuators, along with Paolo Ruggi in the control room.
Virgo really was a part of Stefano’s life. Stefano will always be part of the story of Virgo.

Chief Editor