Jul 1, 2013

This 24th issue of h is a very tough one, requiring an effort by our readers to digest the articles on Casimir effect and on tachyons and quantum entanglement. Both deal with phenomena which contradict the two cornerstone theories of modern physics, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. In addition, in two other columns, we unveil two worrying natural phenomena here at EGO: genetic mutations and weight disappearance (“Archimedes Mysteries”).
This last article, in addition, is “entangled” with that of the Casimir effect which deals with problems with Archimedes principle. Archimedes himself is, in turn, “entangled” with 2013 which is the 2300th anniversary of his birth, in 287 BC.
In order to mitigate the efforts of our readers with the articles on tachyons and on Casimir effect, we suggest “sneaking” a look at a very helpful book about all the challenges of modern physics: Giancarlo Ghirardi “Sneaking a Look at God’s Cards”, Revised Edition: Unraveling the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics – Princeton University Press, 2004.
Besides the many other interesting columns, I would invite readers to focus on “Wind and overshoes”. This is based on a careful experimental study carried out by the h team, which reached important technical conclusions.

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