Type of contract
Traineeship contract for a period of 4 months within the REINFORCE project at EGO.

REINFORCE is an international project funded by the EU within the Science with and for Society programme. It aims to minimize the knowledge gap between large research infrastructures and society through citizen science.

The project aims to engage and support citizens to cooperate with researchers and actively contribute in the development of new knowledge for the needs of science and society.

An international collaboration, REINFORCE leverages the world-leading Zooniverse citizen-science platform to bring citizen scientists directly into the production of scientific knowledge. The project is dedicated to the inclusion of diverse groups of citizen scientists and aims to make its data, software and workflows as accessible as possible.

At the core of REINFORCE is the development of four demonstrator Zooniverse projects, in the fields of:

  • gravitational-wave noise hunting, in data from the Virgo interferometer;
  • deep sea hunters, involving the analysis of data from the KM3NeT neutrino detector;
  • the search for new particles at the LHC, using data from the ATLAS detector;
  • interdisciplinary studies with archeology and geoscience, using data from a Diaphane muon detector.

Around this core, the project develops:

  • a citizen-engagement strategy;
  • a dedicated sonification approach, software and training layer;
  • participatory engagement activities;
  • an impact assessment strategy;
  • dissemination activities.

Each of the fields in REINFORCE is being developed by experts in their field.

The successful applicant will work within the international REINFORCE team at EGO. The post requires flexibility, thoroughness and excellent organizational and communication skills. The ability to think creatively is definitely an asset.
The role will involve:

  • working with international experts on the development of tools for use in data sonification and the analysis of sonified data;
  • working with the different project teams to assist in the sonification of different datasets;
  • contributing to the project dissemination activities;
  • participating in and presenting at regular REINFORCE team meetings.

Applicants for the role should have:

  • genuine scientific curiosity to pursue the understanding of the unknown and unexpected;
  • capacity to collaborate efficiently with colleagues from different countries and a good sense of team spirit;
  • a strong commitment to the implementation of accessibility principles;
  • knowledge of working principles and usage of programming languages;
  • a physics or data science background;
  • good knowledge of English.

Experience in any of the following would also be an asset:

  • a certain knowledge of gravitational-wave physics;
  • public-engagement activities in a scientific field;
  • the Python programming language;
  • the Zooniverse online citizen-science platform;
  • experience with sonification methods and software;

Place of work
EGO – European Gravitational Observatory – Via Edoardo Amaldi cap 56021 Loc. Santo Stefano a Macerata – Cascina (Pisa) Italy. Given the lack of public transport to reach EGO, a driving license and a personal vehicle are strongly recommended.

How to apply
Interested candidates are invited to fill in the Internship Application Form and send it, together with the CV, to internships@ego-gw.it

Privacy policy
Controller: European Gravitational Observatory – email: ego-gw@pec.it
Responsible for data – email: privacy@ego-gw.it
Under Article 13 of UE Regulation (EU) 2016/79 of the European Parliament and of the Council, required personal data will be exclusively collected and treated for purposes strictly connected to the selection procedure also with the use of computerized procedures, according to current law and regulations concerning the implementation of this kind of activity.
Providing such data to EGO is necessary for the evaluation of participation requirements and of the holding of titles: failure to provide these data may compromise such evaluation.
Data will be kept only for the period required by the selection, evaluation and audit procedures.
EGO guarantees each person the right of access to personal data, as well as the rectification, or erasure or restriction of them, as well as the right to object to their processing; such requests shall be addressed to privacy@ego-gw.it

Closing date for applications
Until position is filled.

Gary Hemming, REINFORCE Technical Manager
Email: gary.hemming@ego-gw.it