Symposium in memory of Stavros Katsanevas

May 31, 2023


On June 1st 2023 a Symposium will take place in Paris to honour the memory of Stavros Katsanevas, former EGO director who passed away in November of last year, one month before the end of his mandate.

The symposium, hosted at the Université Paris Cité in Paris, will collect a series of talks by friends and colleagues coming from all over Europe, representing the huge spectrum of Stavros’ interests and all the fields he gave significant contributions to, from astroparticle physics to art&science, and all the bridges he has built between disciplines. 

A world-class physicist and multifaceted intellectual figure, Stavros Katsanevas led the European Gravitational Observatory, EGO from 2018 to the present, making a fundamental contribution to these years of extraordinary scientific developments in Gravitational and Multimessenger Astronomy. Born and raised in Greece, he conducted his university studies and then his entire academic career in France, where he has been a professor at the Université Paris Denis Diderot (merged in 2019 into the Université Paris Cité) since 2004. He has carried out research in the field of particle physics, working at Fermilab in Chicago, CERN in Geneva and INFN’s Gran Sasso National Laboratories. In the early 2000s Stavros Katsanevas was one of the fathers of so-called Astroparticle Physics in Europe, serving as the first Chairman of the Astroparticle Physics European Coordination (APPEC). He was, from 2002 to 2012, Deputy Director of IN2P3/CNRS, the CNRS Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, and then from 2014 to 2018 Director of the Laboratory of Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology (APC) in Paris.

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