Rules at EGO
Rules to enter in Italy

To manage as well as possible the work during the difficult period of COVID-19, EGO has implemented a protocol whose purpose is to protect anyone who enters the EGO site.

This process applies to all members of the Virgo collaboration and EGO personnel and if refusing to comply with it, access to the EGO site will be refused.


Here you will find:
  • a precise flowchart, on the steps to be taken in case of a close contact, provided by the Italian Council of Ministers in ITALIANFRENCHENGLISH
  • the definition of a “close contact” of the Italian ministry in:

E considerato un contatto stretto una persona:

  • che vive nella stessa casa di un caso COVID-19
  • che ha avuto un contatto fisico diretto con un caso COVID-19 (per esempio la stretta di mano)
  • che ha avuto un contatto diretto non protetto con le secrezioni di un caso COVID19 (ad esempio toccare a mani nude fazzoletti di carta usati)
  • che ha avuto un contatto diretto (faccia a faccia) con un caso COVID-19, a distanza minore di 2 metri e di almeno 15 minuti
  • che si è trovata in un ambiente chiuso (ad esempio aula, sala riunioni, sala d’attesa dell’ospedale) con un caso COVID-19 in assenza di DPI idonei
  • un operatore sanitario o altra persona che fornisce assistenza diretta ad un caso COVID-19 oppure personale di laboratorio addetto alla manipolazione di campioni di un caso COVID-19 senza l’impiego dei DPI raccomandati o mediante l’utilizzo di DPI non idonei
  • che ha viaggiato seduta in treno, aereo o qualsiasi altro mezzo di trasporto entro due posti in qualsiasi direzione rispetto a un caso COVID-19; sono contatti stretti anche i compagni di viaggio e il personale addetto alla sezione dell’aereo/treno dove il caso indice era seduto
Français - CAS CONTACT

Est considérée cas contact une personne :

  • qui habite dans la même maison qu’un cas COVID-19
  • qui a eu un contact physique avec un cas COVID-19 (par exemple une poignée de main)
  • qui a eu un contact direct non protégé avec des sécrétions d’un cas COVID 19 (par exemple, toucher un mouchoir usagé à mains nues)
  • qui a eu un contact direct (face à face) avec un cas de COVID-19, à une distance inférieure à 2 mètres et au moins 15 minutes
  • qui a été dans un environnement fermé (par exemple un auditorium, une salle de réunion, une salle d’attente à l’hôpital) avec un cas COVID-19 en l’absence d’EPI adapté (Equipement de Protection Individuelle)
  • un agent de santé ou une autre personne qui fournit une assistance directe à un cas de COVID-19 ou du personnel de laboratoire affecté à la manipulation d’échantillons d’un cas de COVID-19 sans l’utilisation de l’EPI recommandé ou par l’utilisation d’un EPI inapproprié
  • qui a voyagé assise en train, en avion ou tout autre moyen de transport à moins de deux sièges dans n’importe quelle direction par rapport à un cas COVID-19; les compagnons de voyage et le personnel affecté à la section de l’avion / train où se trouvait le cas sont également des contacts étroits

Is considered as close contact a person:

  • living in the same house of a COVID-19 case
  • who had a physical contact with a COVID-19 case (for example a hand shake)
  • who had a direct unprotected contact with secretions from a COVID 19 case (for example touching used kleenex with your hands)
  • who had a direct contact (face to face) with a COVID-19 case, at a distance of less than 2 meters and at least 15 minutes
  • who has been in a closed environment (for example an auditorium, a meeting room, a waiting room at the hospital) with a COVID-19 case in the absence of suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • a health worker or other person who provides direct assistance to a COVID-19 case or laboratory personnel assigned to handling samples of a COVID-19 case without the use of recommended PPE or through the use of unsuitable PPE
  • who traveled seated by train, plane or any other means of transportation within two seats in any direction relative to a COVID-19 case; the travel companions and the staff assigned to the section of the plane/train where the case was sitting are also close contacts



Any member of the Virgo collaboration, outside Tuscany, having to come to the EGO site, for urgent reasons related to the AdV+ project, must first request a letter of authorization to the COVID-19 group at: , at least a week before the arrival. The request must specify the arrival/departure dates, the reason for coming and the people with whom (s)he may be in contact on the site. Although, depending on the country of origin and duration of trip, it may not be obligatory to take a COVID-19 test before coming, it is nevertheless strongly advised to do so. In any case, the visitor should report whether (s)he has taken a test in the last 3 days before travelling, and in case this was done, report the result or the day that the results is expected. Finally, the visitor has to self-certify, that for this trip (s)he has obtained the authorisation of the lab director.

If you intend to come to EGO in the next weeks, you will have to:

  • request the authorisation to access the EGO site via the following form, at the latest a week before and if you come from outside Tuscany
  • after the reception of the authorization from EGO Director, register by following the link below:

These information will help us having a vision of the number of people on site in order to avoid too many people at the same time and also help us to organize the lunches.

Rules at EGO

At the security guard you will have to:

  • show your authorization;
  • countersign your registration;
  • have your temperature taken.

To manage as well as possible the work during the difficult period of COVID-19, EGO has implemented a protocol whose purpose is to protect anyone who enters the EGO site.

This protocol explains, among others, the organization of the lunches at the EGO restaurant and the reorganization of the offices to respect the rules of social distancing.


Office maximum occupancy

In order to guarantee the maximum occupancy of each office, we opened a tool to book an office when you have to come to EGO, even if it is your own office (this tool is accessible to all collaborators using their usual credentials). Book an office at EGO

If you don’t have yet the key of the office you booked, please contact .

We ask you to keep strictly these recommendations of maximum occupancy and we would like to warn you that we will make periodic checks.

Concerning the common rooms and especially the meeting rooms, the organiser of the meeting is responsible to keep the maximum number permitted in the room, otherwise he/she should choose a larger room or, as described in the general rules, ask part of the people to attend in remote from their offices. Here again, we ask you to keep these rules strictly.

Rules to enter in Italy

In summary
  • In Italy, it is now mandatory to wear a mask at all times: in closed places accessible to the public, but also in closed places other than private homes, and outside, “unless you are in a situation of continuous isolation “;
  • All travelers must complete this form before entering Italian territory;
  • Report to the regional health authority in Tuscany on arrival using an online form available in French (consult the list of ASLs by region with their telephone numbers);
  • Present the negative result of a molecular (PCR) or antigenic test of less than 72 hours, or undergo an on-site test when arriving in Italy (depending on the region from which you arrive or through which you have passed through);
  • Exception for stays not exceeding 120 hours for proven needs of work, health or absolute emergency

For more information:

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministère Français de l’Europe et des Affaires EtrangèresMinisterio de Exteriores de España


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