Software of Advanced Virgo Suspension Control System (PhD Thesis, University of Pisa, 2018)

10/02/19 – G. Cerretani
Performance Improvement of the Inertial Sensors of Advanced Virgo Seismic Isolators with Digital Techniques (MS Thesis, University of Pisa, 2014)

01/02/19 – V. Boschi
Modeling and Simulation of Seismic Attenuation Systems for Gravitational Wave Interferometers (PhD Thesis, University of Pisa, 2010)

01/02/19 – Michele Valentini
Characterisation of quasi-stationary noise and instrumental couplings in the Advanced Virgo Detector (Master Thesis, University of Trento 2018)

01/02/19 – Diego Bersanetti
Development of a New Lock Acquisition Strategy for the Arm Cavities of Advanced Virgo (PhD Thesis, Università di Genova, 2016)

31/01/19 – Gregorio Carullo
For whom the black hole tolls: from ringdown to tests of general relativity, Master Thesis, University of Pisa (2017)

31/01/19 – Jeroen Meidam
Substantiating the void – Strong-field tests of general relativity with the first direct detection of gravitational waves and Fast likelihood evaluations for future tests, PhD Thesis, VU University Amsterdam (2018)

31/01/19 – Giuseppe D’Ambrosi
Dynamics of Extreme-Mass-Ratio binaries – Extraction of gravitational waves beyond Last Stable Orbit and introduction of spin in the particle limit, PhD Thesis, VU University Amsterdam (2016)

31/01/19 – Michalis Agathos
The Swan Song of a Neutron Star Binary – Fundamental physics and astrophysics with gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence, PhD Thesis, VU University Amsterdam (2016)

31/01/19 – Tjonnie Li
Extracting Physics from Gravitational Waves – Testing the Strong-field Dynamics of General Relativity and Inferring the Large-scale Structure of the Universe, PhD Thesis, VU University Amsterdam (2013)

31/01/19 – Matheus Blom
Seismic attenuation for Advanced Virgo, Vibration isolation for the external injection bench, PhD Thesis, VU University Amsterdam (2015)

31/01/19 – Mark Beker
Low-frequency sensitivity of next generation gravitational wave detectors, PhD Thesis, VU University Amsterdam (2013)

30/01/19 – Gideon Koekoek
The Geodesic Deviation Method and Extreme Mass-Ratio Systems, PhD Thesis VU University Amsterdam (2011)

30/01/19 – Sipho van der Putten
Thermal lensing in Virgo and Polynomial Search: an all-sky search for gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars in binary systems, PhD Thesis VU University Amsterdam (2011)

03/06/18 – Eleonora Capocasa
Optical and noise studies for Advanced Virgo and filter cavities for quantum noise reduction in gravitational-wave interferometric detectors. (PhD thesis)

03/05/18 – J.V. van Heijningen
Ph.D. thesis: Turn up the bass! Low-frequency performance improvement of seismic attenuation systems and vibration sensors for next generation gravitational wave detectors

11/05/10 – G. Vajente
Analysis of sensitivity and noise sources for the Virgo gravitational wave interferometer (Ph.D. Thesis 2008)

29/10/03 – didier JEHANNO

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