Jan 1, 2016

A large part of this issue is devoted to various very successful outreach events that have taken place in the last months: local events, Italian events, European events and, surprisingly, events in London, but in the 19th century, in
which Michael Faraday was one of the main actors.
From the point of view of the h editors, the most relevant article of this 30th issue of our newsletter is the one in which Gary Hemming reports upon the results of the survey on the future of h. There is interesting information and, in general, our efforts seem to be warmly appreciated by our readers. But it may be that only h fans bothered to answer the questionnaire; this explains also the small number of answers we got: ‘only’ 30, excluding the editors.
We will keep studying and try to correctly interpret the answers and we will take advantage of reader’s suggestions while preparing the next 2016 issue: it will contain many happy news, like the first lock of Advanced Virgo and…..!

Chief Editor