h30 – Historical dectection!

Apr 1, 2016

With this special 30th issue of “h – the gravitational voice”, we intend to celebrate the discovery of gravitational waves. We have asked many friends of our world to tell us about their feelings at the achievement of this fantastic goal by the LIGO interferometers and by our whole community. The aim is not to provide a systematic report, but rather a collection of impressions from as many points of view as possible. There is a bit of history, a bit of technical information, some not widely known details and some plans and wishes for the future, near and far. Some things are repeated, but with different voices; which is also, in itself, interesting. We conclude this editorial of the Virgo and EGO newsletter with the warmest wish to soon join our LIGO colleagues and to detect many more events and their sources.
A tutorial on gravitational waves can be found at the end of this issue.

Chief Editor