Jun 1, 2017

Writing this editorial I feel as though we are in an eventful time: we are (or we hope to be) close to the beginning of
a data-taking period with three working detectors; we published, a few days ago, a new clear signal of gravitational waves, detected by the American interferometers. The activity of the commissioners of Advanced Virgo is becoming more intense and harder every day. As a consequence the sensitivity is becoming better and better.
Virgo has a new spokesman, Jo van den Brand, since a few weeks. We welcome him and encourage him to lead the collaboration to the due success. Jo took over the role from Fulvio Ricci, to whom we are really grateful for several years of work.
We are really happy to start h33 by publishing the text released to the press to announce the new discovery.
These few lines may be felt to be too optimistic, but I believe that we will not be deceived, thanks to the efforts we are making.
But there is something more: just a few days before the publishing of h33, we learned that a British colleague of ours has gained Italian citizenship; this is really great: welcome Gary!!!

Chief Editor