Jul 1, 2014

This editorial consists of three short parts, dealing with two pleasant subjects and an unpleasant one.
The first and most important pleasant subject is the feeling of pride at successfully locking, in due time, the Input Mode Cleaner cavity. This is an important achievement, encouraging us towards the completion of Advanced Virgo by the end of 2015. Congratulations to the team!
The second pleasant subject is that the h editorial team is very happy to host in this issue a nice article by our dear Australian colleague, David Blair. Enjoy reading!
The third, and unpleasant, subject is that the h-chief-editor (i.e. me) on the occasion of his 70th birthday – July 8th – was planning to toast the day with those colleagues on site. However, due to the new restrictions on the drinking of alcohol at EGO, he refused to celebrate with a water and fruit juice toast. Too bad!

Chief Editor