“Le Mappe del Cosmo” at Festival Della Scienza di Genova
30 Ottobre 2021, ore 19, Teatro della Tosse, Genova

At Festival della Scienza di Genova EGO presents “Le Mappe del Cosmo – Storie che hanno cambiato l’universo” (Maps of the Cosmos – Stories that have changed the universe), a show about the lives and discoveries of scientists who in the last century have revolutionised our view of the Cosmos.

Diana Hobel and Marco Sgarbi, with live drawings by Gabriele Peddes, will present the stories that have changed the universe: from Hubble to the cosmic background radiation, Vera Rubin and dark matter, Jocelyn Bell and pulsars, and the discovery of gravitational waves.

Saturday 30 October, 7.00 pm, at the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa. A show organised by the European Gravitational Observatory in collaboration with Comics&Science.
A complete recording of the event can be seen here:


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