An area dedicated to Virgo in the exhibition “Vedere l’Invisibile” in Parma (Italy)

Oct 29, 2022

The exhibition “Vedere l’Invisibile – Dall’infinitamente piccolo all’infinitamente grande” (Seeing the Invisible – From the infinitely small to the infinitely large), organised by the University of Parma’s University Museum System, will be open until January 15th 2023 at the APE Parma Museo.

An overview of the scientific, artistic and literary investigation of the invisible from subatomic particles to the extreme distances of our universe. The exhibition narrates the invisible through augmented reality, the display of historical instruments and the presence of interactive exhibits and explanatory panels.

The exhibition unfolds through the following rooms:
– The infinitely close, immersed in the everyday
– Invisible because it is infinitely small
– Invisible because it is hidden
– Invisible because it is far away, coming from afar or imperceptible to the eye
– The humanities

In the fourth room, visitors will find a section entirely dedicated to gravitational waves, set up in collaboration with EGO and Virgo, which includes a model interferometer and a real mirror of the Virgo gravitational wave detector.

As part of the exhibition there will also be hands-on workshops on the topic of gravitational waves, where participants will try to represent on clay the sensations of a curved space, not seen but felt and modelled. Blind sculptor Felice Tagliaferri and Virgo collaboration researcher Livia Conti will help them explore the intersection of art, science and inclusion.

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