The General Infrastructure Department of EGO has the mandate of providing services, maintaining in working conditions and renovating the civil engineering structures and infrastructures, as well as the technical systems present at the EGO Site. Indeed, the scientific activity requires the provision and maintenance of the infrastructure and services in continuous running conditions 24h/24 over the full-year.


The Department is also in charge of projects involving new constructions and upgrades of the infrastructures dedicated to the experiments that have been implemented from the first Virgo configuration to Advanced Virgo Plus with a continuous commitment and development.

In this regard, a non-exhaustive list of activities is:

  • Provision of all the services and supplies needed for the functioning of EGO and Virgo interferometer (fluids, electricity, cleanings, management of external areas, cranes, elevators, etc.);
  • Logistics and warehouse services;
  • Ordinary, extraordinary and scheduled maintenance for civil works, HVAC systems and electrical systems;
  • New projects for refurbishment and transformation of spaces, adaptation and efficiency of the technical systems;
  • Execution of safety adaptation works to ensure the security of any person entering or working at EGO Site;
  • Survey engineering activities and metrology for building monitoring, new projects and the alignment of all parts of the scientific apparatus;
  • Assistance to the outreach activities, both for the organization of the visits and for the installation of detector components and prototypes at external exhibitions.

Expertises & facilities

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Job & internship opportunities

You can find in this area all informations about job opportunity or Internship opoortunity in EGO staff.

All offers are published in different websites and scientific newspaper, a complete description of each position for job or internship offer can be consulted below in pdf format.

For any question or to postulate you can send a email to generic adress, we’ll analyze your CV and motivations and we’ll contact you rapidly in order to exchange about your interest to work in one of the three international Gravitational Waves Observatory.

We analyze also any spontanous candidature.

Thanks for your interest to join EGO staff for these scientific and technological challenges.


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