Followup networks
  • DWF: (Deeper Wider Faster) is a program that searches and follows up fast transients (bursts with millisecond-to-hours duration) in real-time
  • ENGRAVE is a international collaboration bringing together astronomers who use the ESO facilities to research gravitational wave events
  • GOTO: (Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer) facility is a wide-field robotic telescope that is able to rapidly search large areas of the sky for transient optical sources. Its design is optimized to respond to gravitational wave events detected with the advanced LIGO and VIRGO arrays.
  • BlackGEM is a wide-field array of optical telescopes to be located at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile’s Atacama desert. Its scientific goals are to detect and characterise optical counterparts to gravitational wave detections. To enable this, it will conduct an all-sky survey of the southern sky, perform a bi-weekly scan of the southern sky, and characterise intra-night transients, new stars that appear or disappear within a single night.
  • AMON (Astrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network) is a program currently under development at Pennsylvania State University which seeks to perform a real-time correlation analysis of the high-energy signals across all known astronomical messengers – photons, neutrinos, cosmic rays, and gravitational waves.
  • GRANDMA (Global Rapid Advanced Network Devoted to the Multi-messenger Addicts) is a network of ground facilities dedicated to time domain astronomy which performed the electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational waves candidates during the third LIGO/Virgo observational campaign (O3).
  • MASTER is very fast positioning alert, follow up and survey twin telecopes Global network with own real-time auto-detection software
  • GROWTH (Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients Happen) is an international scientific collaborative project in astronomy studying the physics of fast-changing events in the cosmos like supernovae, neutron stars or black hole mergers, and near-earth asteroids.
  • The GRAWITA collaboration has the aim of carrying out follow-up observational campaigns in the radio, optical, NIR, X-ray, and gamma-ray bands of the gravitational wave (GW) detector triggers released by the ground-based interferometers network.
  • J-GEM (Japanese collaboration of Gravitational wave Electro-Magnetic follow-up) is a research project to search for optical counterparts of gravitational wave sources because optical observations give us different information than gravitational wave observations
  • ZTF (ZWICKY Transient Facility) is a public-private partnership aimed at a systematic study of the optical night sky. Using an extremely wide-field of view camera, ZTF scans the entire Northern sky every two days.

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