Gravitational Waves Tools
Vera Rubin Observatory Brokers
General Brokers
  • IVOA (The Virtual Observatory) is the vision that astronomical datasets and other resources should work as a seamless whole.
  • TNS (Transient Name Server) is the official IAU mechanism for reporting new astronomical transients such as supernova candidates.
  • Astro Colibri
  • Gammapy
  • MMO
Alert Distribution
  • IRIS Geoscience
  • Space Weather at ESA is part of ESA’s Space Safety Programme that aims at mitigating and preventing the impact of hazards from space, protecting our planet, activities and infrastructures
Infrastructure, Analysis and software groups
  • VO / AFFIS
  • SCiMMA (Scalable Cyberinfrastructure to support Multi-messenger Astrophysics) is a project that aims to carry out community planning for scalable cyberinfrastructure to support Multi-messenger Astrophyisics
  • SmartNet (SimultaneousMultiwavelengthAstronomyresearchinTransients NETwork) is a community that aims to optimize the multiwavelength effort for all future Astronomical events that will require a fast responding and well coordinated community.

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